High hopes

But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, when it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around


Kodaline, High Hopes, speak too much about my life trials and secrets.

Being brought up in a convent all-girls school for 11 years has taught me how hopeful I can be for myself and for the world. Life lessons about how there are bad people out there, but also many nice people around. There is always hope placed in everything and anything. I am always a hopeful child.

Some call it, naive. Others, just call it high hopes or in my own world.

Don’t take negativity in that. I learn life the hard way now but it’s all worth it. I am still enjoying the life lessons through experience but definitely remaining hopeful. As always.

Whenever failure happens, don’t let it bring you down. Instead, be hopeful for the better things that might happen after. There are always infinite possibilities, don’t rule out success as one of it.


#vickydailymotivation 2: Believe to Succeed


You must absolutely believe in yourself to achieve your dreams. Because if you don’t think you can do it, well, it will simply never happen. Life is going to continue on with or without you. You might as well start believing that you are capable of amazing things.

I have battled many times against not believing in myself. In fact, I would say singlehandedly that the greatest enemy of my goals and dreams is myself. You could compile as many inspirational quotes as you want. You could read on how to be the best man you could be. You can study the most famous people in the world…but if you don’t have it inside you will never even make a dent. You will burn out and recede back into the darkness.

The key to success can be found within yourself. Yes there are others who you can learn from…however, at the end of the day, you are the only one who truly knows how to turn it on and off. You are the only one that can make it or break it. Look within – most of your answers are hanging out there.

– Evan Sanders

#vickydailymotivation: the start, do join me!

so the purpose of me writing this entry today is to start a new #hashtag on my blog. #vickydailymotivation is gonna be my form of motivation to myself and to others who are feeling down, unmotivated or if you just gone through some setbacks. i’ll try to post something everyday to motivate and remind myself and everyone to remain positive! being positive is so important because it allows people to achieve so much more. i’m not perfect and still learning baby steps so if you are with me, do come join me and share with me some motivating stories or quotes at the same time if you do have 🙂 our community could do with so much more sharing, communication and love. after all, despite having different religion or skin colour, we all do come from one and the only race – Humans. i’m sure we go through similar things and feel the same things at a point of time in our lives.

it’s been one week since i took off to the journey of my life. i have no complains about work at all. i love that i’m learning something new everyday. the one thing that is different about me is my energy when i get home – no longer need to roll from side to side of my bed and play games to sleep cos’ i drift to dreamland almost immediately and it SURE FEELS GOOD 😉

yesterday was the first day since i started work that i decided to go out to meet my friends for dinner. i think i’m not used to it but i had a hard time waking up this morning 😡 my usual alarm was 745am so i could do a quick morning workout but i snoozed till 845am. i was so tired to the extend i almost pour my facial wash onto my toothbrush O.O i was THAT tired. work has been mentally draining for me. so much to learn (loving it!) but i think it’s gonna take some time for my body and mind to get used to this engine going. our minds are like cars… if you don’t use your car for a week and the engine isn’t on for quite some time, the next time you need to use the car, you need to warm up your car before you drive. same thing for a rugby game. before you can play a competitive game, you need to warm your legs up and stretch. yeah, same analogy to how our (or at least my) brain work. hence, i get so tired when i get home and i just want to sleep.

don’t get me wrong though. i don’t dread to work. whenever i take the train, i’ve been in a very very good mood. no morning blues, i love the time that i go to work. it’s the emptiest i’ve ever seen  the train to be in the morning. i get an empty train, no bodies brushing against mine. nobody pushing and no moody faces to see. it cheers me up alot 🙂 i guess the people taking the public transport with you could contribute to making or breaking your day. so when i hear “Raffles Place”, i get off the train and walk to work. i walk to work feeling good, the air smells good too. i don’t know if the people on the same street feels the same or if it is just a hunger for achieving and success. it’s a good good start for my career 🙂

but before being contracted to my current job, i had many setbacks and also many discouragements.

i had to take a few papers to qualify myself for the job. to shock everyone who know me, it is a finance job. i hate numbers, i hated the word finance. i hated economics because it didn’t seem to make sense to me. i was fearful of all that i hate and i would avoid as much as i could. i didn’t pass my papers at the first try and it was very discouraging for me as i felt like it was reaffirming me that i wasn’t up for this job. but yet a part of me didn’t want to give up. i have been hungry to learn about what i have been fearful about. my dad is very knowledgable in this area as he works in the CBD area and in big banks. it is his bread and butter. i know i need to know something for my future and i can’t just rely on my parents forever and being oblivious to my surrounding was not to my benefit. so i decided to push myself to study harder and i manage to clear the papers. i was so happy. no doubt that sense of satisfaction from achieving was priceless.

what came next was a gruesome harsh interview i had. no offence but it being my first full time job, i didn’t know what to expect for an interview despite countless of lessons in school. when it comes to the real thing, it’s always different. i came out of the interview room feeling very offended, burning hot with anger and very challenged. although it ended well, the harsh beginning of the interview i felt was to play mind games with me and test me if i’m committed or not. i wouldn’t say i am mentally strong because i do fall, but the whole time when i was being lectured and treated “harshly” because my school results in the pass wasn’t good, i started peeling the skin beside my nails – that only means i’m either very nervous or very very angry. haha.

but yes, it’s so true what i took away from that interview – “if you have such average joe results and sitting on the borderline, don’t expect the real world to treat you the same. people immediately take off credits and points off you and treat you like how you achieve on papers. this is the harsh reality of Singapore.”

whatever came out from my mouth during that interview wasn’t smart at all. i gave way to my ego and it was proving that i was a dumb blonde. but what actually went through my mind was, i may not be book-smart. papers are nothing. some people can achieve distinction on paper but nothing in the real world. some people can’t study for nuts, but they make it big out there selling or doing something else beside studying. so what if you look great because of the colourful result slips? how about someone who may not be great in the past but when you let them start, they immediately start great and soar with their new wings? what Singapore have been missing is giving these people such a chance!

i can’t speak much of this now for myself because i want to provide evidence and show that my talk is real. talk can be cheap and honestly, i don’t know how i would perform in my job. but all i can guarantee is i will try my very best. talk the talk, walk the walk. 

i was so challenged and being a revengeful scorpio, i told myself after that interview – i’m gonna make sure he remembers me one day. i was the girl whom he slammed my certificate on the table and didn’t treat me like i was good enough or as great as others who had the papers to show. i was motivated with this burning fire within to prove that i deserve nothing lesser than the other book-smart people. that is my goal now. i need to be an achiever!

when i get there, i can only thank him for this challenge and this fire he put inside me.

all my setbacks of failing and being mentally exhausted constantly hits me from time to time. yes i did feel like giving up when i felt so tired but then i would just bring myself to think of the interview and i will push my mind to get out of slumber and start working because i have results to chase and show.

that’s my motivation and the fire is still burning really strong within me 🙂 so like the quote says, you don’t have to be great to start…. you just have to start to be great!

it’s gonna be the CNY long break comin’ right up! have a good good rest and enjoy time with your family while you are off work. there’s a time to be great at work, but also GREAT with your loved ones 🙂 i hope someone out there can relate to my little story here and i hope it motivates others out there in the same boat as me. we can do it!