Sad to say, I’ve to go.

Leaving is always a good way for closing the old doors and opening new doors to new hopes and opportunities.

Decided to leave jellybeenie (the name I created since I was 15. It’s been almost a good 10 years), going on a new space.

Less messy content, less random rants….


More structured. Working on being a better writer and growing my passion.

It’ll be a whole different line up compared to this really personal blog. I scare myself sometimes, boring you guys out.


so here we go once again, new bookmark!


๐Ÿ™‚ cya there!


26.4.14 / catch-up ketchup

hello! haven’t been updating this space regularly (i’m sorry!!!) due to being so so busy at work and recently, i managed to slow my life down by catching a sick bug. have been having high fever for the past 3 nights… i guess as we grow older, we take longer to recover aye? damn. i refuse to acknowledge that i’m growing old but yea it’s definitely taking some time for me to be pink in health. my brain is probably half-fried but i never once took my temperature. it’s better not to know. a fever is still a fever despite how high the temperature is. denial mode: as stubborn as a bull.

so how’s life? it has been pretty interesting for me. for once this year, i finally questioned about things and when i start, the questions run long and probably about everything too. if nobody can convince me or give me a satisfying answer, that’s when doubt comes in and people start seeking for 2nd opinion. followed by comparing, creating more unhealthy assumptions and doubts, mistrust, ++ assumptions… so on and so forth. so i kinda know what the outcome will be without even being there. i decided to take a step at a time and not let assumptions kill. i gotta experience it myself to know if it is to kill me or make me ๐Ÿ™‚ and also through experience will i learn who to trust and who to just smile and let it pass.

i guess i had a pretty fruitful month and although time flies, photos keeps memories forever ๐Ÿ™‚ before i flood photos & details about my good april, i wanna share one thing with everyone.

one thing i learnt which i hold close to me:

make small goals everyday, it may be small steps but it will bring you forward.

goals for next week (i’m def looking forward to it!!!!)

#1. workout!!!!!

#2. back to work!

#3. stay pink in health (recover! health is wealth… and happiness)

#4. meet people who inspire/motivate me in the right light




Saturday morning jumped out of bed, put on my best suit


Had a good sleep last night alone on the big bed ๐Ÿ™‚ only thing that went wrong was the leaking aircon but the rain solved all that.

Early morning drive to tuas and it was raining again. Crazy traffic, crazy weather but only thing sane was me in my car and the radio station.

Mad awesome tunes back-to-back while I drove… westlife boysIImen reggage… perfect for me. It’s gonna be a good day. It is.