20.2.13 / a valentine’s experience like no other

my post-valentine’s date was really special. i feel exclusive because i’m sure nobody else had this for vday (woohoooo) no wine, no fine dining and no pretty dress for vday because WE WENT OUT TO THE SEAAAAAA~

well, we were supposed to get up early that morning but we both decided to be pigs and off the snooze button. then we were invited to w’s bro house to have crabs and i couldn’t reject my love for crabs and we got to play with the two lovely girls too! so we ate and hang around till mid-afternoon and he said we had to go. poor chevy’s gearbox spoilt on us at the wrong time so we had to take public transport.

 w was very secretive about the whole surprise thingy. when my bro called, he told my bro we might come home and i was like “we are gna celebrate vday at my house?!” and he said, “yup! with your cody! isn’t it what you want?” noooooo i see cody on every other day…… hahaha so its ok. i didn’t quite believe him anyway. so we took a bus back to my house’s direction. then i was like WE ARE GOING PULUA UBIN?? I didn’t bring passport!!! (what’s wrong with me… i know i know i realized we don’t need passport to go onto that island aye)

ok so w arranged a boat separately just for the two of us since we weren’t going pulua ubin. and i shall start my adventure talk with my photos here.

my sweet valentine

was clueless where this boat was gonna take us

but i was really happy and excited already!

W always say “There it is! This is the real smile I wanna see” – Yeap, when I’m truly very happy, my gum shows 🙂

it feels so good to be out at the sea with your sailorboy.

the sea is the only place where messy hair is a must.

then we saw very pretty colourful sail boats

and we reached!

please note that this is actually a private kelong. it is w’s friend’s grandfather’s house. they live in it and i don’t think it’s a commercial business. so yeap. questions answered!

waiting for our food

the group of people behind are the owner’s family having their CNY dinner haha

i love how old-school everything is. such traditions cannot be found outside anymore.

so here comes the food!!!

(pardon me for the lousy photo taking. my nikon camera was under repair so i brought sony out and sony don’t really behave well with such conditions. and plus the kelong was swaying and i had sea sick hahaha joke)


ohmygod, the best egg omelette EVER. (so good that i only rmb taking photo after finishing half of it)

flower crab yum yum

fresh prawns

and we had lala, veggies too. but i was already too into my food and my fingers got busy with crabs and prawns that i didn’t take any photos. haha. it’s all in my tum tum!

after our food, we hang around the place and just take in all the culture and lifestyle that they have. i love it!

one of the many nets. this one are the crab catch!

the closed down resort on the sea! WHYY did it close?! i would have gone there!

with the family behind playing cards and enjoying their CNY

wanted to catch sunset but sadly, it was raining so the sun was blocked by all the clouds

awwwhhh my very handsome charming sailor

imagine life on the sea… nothing glam, nothing clean but everything to experience. it is nothing like the hdb shoebox that we live in.

isn’t it beautiful?

i managed to catch a panoramic view with my sony. breath taking….

laundry is easily done here

your toilets will never stink because it goes down immediately to the sea

sitting at the side, watching how the crab catches the fish and devour it slowly

w and grandpa had men’s talk while i was busy absorbing the life they had

i have only this awesome guy to thank for such a wonderful experience. once in a life time. thank you baby, for all your wonderful efforts and planning (: it was indeed a special valentine’s. well, everyday is valentine’s so i thank you for this special saturday!

so how did you spend your vday? i’m sure everyone had a good meal with their valentine’s. i’m curious for couples who don’t enjoy food or who diets and don’t eat… what do they actually do during valentine’s?

haha that will nv happen for me and willy. we are too in love with the same thing that sometimes we get angry when we have no self-control. gahh JUST EAT IT.

happy mid-week everyone!



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